About us

Established in 1969 and a wholly privately owned British company, Westbury has developed extensive technical, manufacturing and resourcing experience within the air filtration and HVAC services industry.
The key to our success has been our fully comprehensive portfolio of products and services, fully supported by customer services that are second to none.
Our customer focused scheduling systems in both production and engineering mean that we are able to respond rapidly to enquiries and orders with short lead times and competitive prices. Our products are further enhanced by detailed labeling & packaging, identifying content and, if required, specific site information.
Being engineers ourselves, we are able to recognise our customers specific needs and react to them accordingly, making Westbury the premier choice for clean air solutions.
Our green credentials are second to none, with our entire Burnley production facility powered by solar energy plus many of the components we use, such as the card frames we manufacture disposable panel filters from and the cartons we package our products in, are all manufactured totally from recycled materials. In the 12 months from the 1st June 2019 Westbury used 170 tons of recycled, as opposed to virgin, card in the disposable panel manufacturing process saving the lives of numerous trees and contributing significantly to the environment.
If you would like to view how we're doing with our onsite solar system please click the "Greener Westbury" button below.

Greener Westbury
Who We Are

Westbury Innovation

As a company that prides itself in being at the forefront of air filter technology, the continuous development of our products and services is the key to our ongoing success. This is reflected in our recent investment in a new state-of the-art Research and Development facility located near Manchester, England. Computational fluid dynamics (CFD), also known as flow visualisation, is a type of computer-aided engineering program that uses numerical methods and algorithms to solve and analyse complex flow problems. One of the key advantages of CFD is that it enables a variety of possible design solutions to be quickly assessed. The results of which can be visually studied, hence the term flow visualisation.

50 Years of Air Filter experience

As a supplier and partner for many years, Westbury understands the increasingly onerous international health and safety standards that our clients are required to work towards.


What Clients Say About Us

“This type of service is greatly apreciated and I
would like to pass on my thanks”

Sean Monaghan— Atalian Servest

“Working with Westbury we have found the service impeccable, with goods shipped on time and to specification"

Denis O'Shea — DM OShea Engineering