Westbury Air Filters / HEPA Filtration

Westbury Filtermation has introduced numerous innovations in the field of HEPA filters. Using state-of-the-art technology, the company not only produces conventional HEPA air filters but also extended surface models, manufactured for high flow rates at low initial resistance.  The range includes products for all industries for use in clean rooms, workbenches and workstations, personnel protection systems, and similar. Efficiencies from H10 to U15 (EN 1822) are available.

Air Filters / HEPA Filtration

DPH Deep Pleated HEPA Filter

The DPH HEPA Filter provides the solution to the requirement for low replacement cost HEPA Filtration using conventional construction methods.
The product is suitable for use in turbulent HEPA filtration applications. The timber version is fully incinerable, and particularly suited for specification where this form of disposal of the spent hepa air filter is anticipated,  such as hospital, bacteriological, toxicological etc.

Air Filters / HEPA Filtration

Mini Pleated HEPA

The Westbury Mini-pleat system is the modern solution to the most stringent of air filter requirements, capable of delivering air for either turbulent or laminar flow conditions according to efficiency. This product is used throughout many industries in applications where the performance of the air filter is critical.

Air Filters / HEPA Filtration

UHV Ultra High Capacity HEPA

Designed specifically for use in high efficiency high velocity applications, the UHV High Capacity Hepa filter delivers ultra clean air for use in numerous applications including hospitals, laboratory & bio-hazard applications, process protection in micro-electronics, pharmaceutical, food etc. This product delivers vast volumes of air at ultra high quality but at low resistance and easily provides the solution to the most stringent requirements.

Who We Are

Air Filtration Experts

Westbury has been manufacturing Air Filtration products within the UK since 1969. We are experts in the category and pride ourselves by backing up our comprehensive product range with superb customer service.