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Grease Filters provide protection to both the kitchen and the extract system within a catering environment. By removing grease particles the air within the kitchen and adjacent areas is purged of contamination, whilst the internal ducting system and fan are protected from a build up of highly flammable aglomerates.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Mesh Grease Filters

The Mesh Grease Filter range has been specifically designed to efficiently remove grease and cooking oils from exhaust air in catering applications. The product is robustly constructed for long life, whilst providing an intricate labyrinth to ensure optimum efficiency.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Baffle Grease Filters

It is universally recognised that there is an increasing need to maintain and improve hygiene standards and reduce fire hazards within kitchens. The Baffle Grease filter accomplishes both needs through its clever design of interlocking baffles that provide a tortuous route for the passage of air through the filter by creating two rapid 180º air direction changes simultaneously. The grease molecules having a far greater inertial force than air impact themselves on the vanes.

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