Westbury Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Prefilters act as the first line of defence capturing large debris such as hair, fur, dust and some pollens. Alternatively they may be used as the primary stage of a more elaborate filtration system.
Westbury manufacture a full range of prefilters, manufactured from the highest quality components, supported by rapid delivery and competetive prices.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Disposable Filter Panels

Westbury  manufactures an extensive range of Disposable Filter Panels, including glass fibre, synthetic and pleated synthetic products, all available in a vast range of standard sizes or with non-standards maufactured to your preferred dimensions.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Fancoil Filters

Simple screen fancoil filters for use within offices , Hotel rooms etc to provide dust and fire protection to the ducting system. Westbury manufacture this range in both non-woven synthetic and polyfoam media or as flyscreens.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Cut Pads and Pad Frames

Pads are a simple and economical answer for applications where the need for rapid regular filter replacement is anticipated, or to retrofit similar media within existing systems.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Lofted Synthetic Bags

Lofted Synthetic Bag Filters guarantee extremely high levels of dust holding combined with low resistance to air. This results in reduced costs and improved airflow.

Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Grease Filters

Grease filters are specifically designed to efficiently remove grease and cooking oils from exhaust air in catering applications. These products are robustly constructed for long life, whilst providing optimum efficiency.

Who We Are

Air Filtration Experts

Westbury has been manufacturing Air Filtration products within the UK since 1969. We are experts in the field and pride ourselves by backing up our comprehensive product range with superb customer service and competetive prices.