Westbury Air Filters / Pre Filtration

Our Technical Design team are able to work with you to design and manufacture filter frames, casings and systems specifically engineered to achieve the results you require.

Additionally we are able to arrange alterations and commissioning by our own experienced installations team or, if you prefer, supply the units to site ready for installation by your engineers.

Filter Frames & Casings

Front Loading Frames

Providing a simple solution to the installation of filters within a plenum or duct, the front loading frames can be simply erected into banks to form a rigid framework.
For larger banks additional bracing struts can be supplied to provide additional rigidity. Also available are sealing plates to provide an airtight closure of the framework within the system. 

Filter Frames & Casings

Side Access Casings & Frames

Casings and frames can be designed and manufactured with single or double side access from various materials including galvanized and stainless steel. Various finishes are available with colours to suit your preference and optionally weatherproofed for external siting. Our Technical Design Team are available to provide designs to suit your application and can also arrange installation by our team of experienced engineers.

Who We Are

Air Filtration Experts

Westbury has been manufacturing Air Filtration products within the UK since 1969. We are experts in the category and pride ourselves by backing up our comprehensive product range with superb customer service.


What Clients Say About Us

“This type of service is greatly apreciated and I
would like to pass on my thanks”

Sean Monaghan— Atalian Servest

“Working with Westbury we have found the service impeccable, with goods shipped on time and to specification"

Denis O'Shea — DM OShea Engineering