Manufacturing Air Filters in the UK since 1969.

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Air Filtration experts 

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Westbury are air filtration experts and have been manufacturing superior quality air filtration products in the UK since 1969.

Air Filters

Westbury is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of Air Filters, competetively priced with fast deliveries

Fan Belts

Westbury stocks and supplies a complete range of fan belts & transmission parts ready for immediate despatch

Containment Filtration

Fully certified H14 Glovebox push-through filters provide continuous protection even under glove breach conditions.

Air Intake Screens

Designed, manufactured and installed to improve AHU protection whilst reducing filter costs

Filter Frames & Casings

We design and manufacture filter frames, casings and systems, engineered to achieve the highest standards.

Catering Industry

Helping Hotels and Restaurants comply with the latest legislation.

Who We Are

Air Filtration Experts

Westbury has been manufacturing Air Filtration products within the UK since 1969. We are experts in the field and pride ourselves by backing up our comprehensive product range with superb customer service and technical support.

Our Services

Air Filtration Services

We aim to work closely with our clients to offer the highest quality products, backed with superb customer service.

Air Hygiene Management

Westbury carries out air conditioning ductwork cleaning and monitoring of the condition of the air within buildings.

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Duct Cleaning and Maintenance

Any building to have ductwork cleaning done without the use of large noisy diesel compressors situated in the roadway or loading bays.

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Inspection and Monitoring Services

The purpose of carrying out inspections and regular monitoring is to ensure the systems are in good working order and, as such, “Fit for Purpose”.

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Kitchen Extract Cleaning

Westbury Filtermation can solve all your kitchen extract problems, from grease and carbon filtration, ductwork cleaning, canopy cleaning, fan and motor maintenance to weekly grease filter changing programmes.

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Ventilation Engineering

Westbury Filtermation carries out repairs and maintenance to ductwork for both supply and extract ventilation systems.

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Project Management and Filter Contracts

We offer a comprehensive project management service to ensure all work goes smoothly on site, and can arrange a dedicated filter contract programme to suit your needs.

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What Clients Say About Us

“Working with Westbury was a real pleasure. Their project management was impeccable, and everything ran onetime...”

Ajmal Khan — NHS

“We found the service was impeccable working with Westbury, and we were confident that any problem would be quickly sorted.”

Leroy Sims — Pharmacy

“Westbury are great...”

Leo Mack — Client

“Westbury are a truly superb turnkey solution for all filter requirements. We found their experience invaluable to our requirements”

Claudia Davidson — Client

“We had problems with pollutants in our kitchens, but Westbury managed to create a clean and grease free environment.”

Victoria McCoy — Client

“Superbly experienced company”

Steve Richardson — Client